Trevor Noah: Trump’s Accomplishments Are Phony Accomplishments

It?s James Comey Week ? aka the week that ousted FBI director will publicly testify about investigations on Donald Trump?s presidential campaign and Russia ? and Trevor Noah won?t let the president get away with selling America nothingburgers as a distraction.

On Tuesday, ?The Daily Show? host pointed out that most of Trump?s recent (and boring) accomplishments are all just a phony rouse to distract from the Comey testimony, which, according to Noah, has at least one upside.

?Hate him or love him,? he joked, ?you?ve got to admit that Donald Trump looks really cute when he signs things at that tiny portable desk.?

Noah went on to tear apart Trump?s so-called ?Infrastructure Week,? in which he pretended to sign a bill that was actually just a non-binding memo to Congress filled with suggestions on privatizing air traffic control.

?What the hell, people? He just wrote a to-do list and signed it?? Noah asked.

?This is a recurring theme that is one of the weirdest parts of Trump?s presidency: He loves the performance of doing things, but a lot of the time, nothing is actually being done,? he added. ?Essentially, Donald Trump wants to be president, but he doesn?t want to do president.?

Noah called out another phony accomplishment Trump rolled out this week, running a clip of Trump saying in April that he had a ?largely completed? plan for changes to infrastructure that was ready to be filed.

Of course, that clip was followed by a contradictory New York Times clip reporting that Gary Cohn, Trump? national economic council director, admitted that there was no plan ready to be released.

Noah ended this segment by following the president?s lead and signing his own phony bill that tells Trump: ?No more lies!?

Find out what else Trump fake-accomplished this week in the clip above.

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